Solid Plastering

Solid Plastering Melbourne

Need help for hard plastering in Melbourne?

At Render Craft, we strive to provide the highest level of rendering to domestic and commercial buildings. Renowned for creating an added layer of definition to homes and businesses our rendering solutions include eye-catching solid plastering options. Melbourne customers can turn to our skilled and professional team to guarantee the lasting appeal of your solid plastering.

Solid Plastering (Hard Plaster/White Set)

If you need the service of a solid plasterer in Melbourne, look no further. With our professional and friendly service, we have succeeded in offering clients the perfect outcome every time. Built on reputation and experience, we assure you of offering results that meet or exceed your expectations.

We have a streamlined process in place and give every project the attention it deserves. We begin by carefully analysing the needs of the project to design the best plan. We remove dirt and dust from walls; apply a scratch coat or splash coat of cement, sand and bond Crete to build a base to make sure that it sticks to walls. Depending on the thickness required, we use aluminium bead or straight edges for corners. We use a final coat of 10mm thickness which usually contains sand and cement. To level the wall, we use a straight edge.

After that, we float and finish the wall ready for topcoat. Our work does not end there. We apply the first coat of 1-2 mm thick coats of hard plaster evenly on the rendered wall and after it has settled, we apply another coat of 1-2 mm thickness evenly and over the following hour or so, we polish the hard plaster to bring it to a smooth and perfectly flat surface that's ready for painting. Our solid plastering background has helped countless residents in and around Balwyn, Caulfield, Templestowe, Prahran, Ringwood, Rowville and other Melbourne suburbs enjoy the benefits of our beneficial plastering options.

Rough Cast (Concrete Look)

Our process for roughcast is almost the same as the first stages that of solid plastering. We bring the roughcast finish (the concrete look) by applying a coat of cement and sand along with a wet/dry aggregate spread evenly into the cement when still wet to the area.


Concrete Panel Finish (Similar to Smooth Concrete) (Great Feature Wall Finish)

We use a broom to ensure that the sub straight is dust/dirt free. We create a smooth and flat surface by using a base of acrylic or cement and sand and by finishing it with a float. Applying 2 coats of concrete panel skim materials and polishing with steel trowel while still setting, we bring a perfect, smooth and even finish. (optional, we use wax to bring a velour smooth touch)

Solid Plastering in Balwyn, Brighton, Caulfield, Doncaster, Mooroolbark, Prahran, Ringwood, Rowville, Templestowe & nearby areas

For all your needs for solid plastering in Melbourne, look no further. At Render Craft it is the ambition of our skilled and attentive team of renderers to deliver a high-quality rendering experience to all of our customers. By successfully utilising innovative and personalised methods and techniques we can breathe new life into the appearance and aesthetics of interior and exterior locations across Melbourne.

Comprised of a mix of durable and hardy materials our approach to solid plastering can make Balwyn, Brighton, Caulfield, Doncaster, Mooroolbark Prahran, Ringwood, Rowville, Templestowe, and other Melbourne properties look stunning and stylish. Available in several different colours solid plastering can also improve the condition and quality of domestic and commercial properties, making it a highly sought-after solution for property improvements and renovations. To learn more about the benefits of our solid plastering solutions call us on 0400 963 433.

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