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Rendering Services

Foam Cladding Installation and Rendering

We ensure that timber frames are straight so that we can bring sharp and clean lines when the job is finished. We strengthen timber stud walls using polystyrene cladding and make sure that all the joins are attached for increased strength. We attach aluminum angle beads to every external corner so that strength and straightness is ensured. Our team uses a high polymer render to boards and implant fiber-mesh into the render. Before drying, we apply another coat and float to straighten the flat finish. We also use a colored and textured top coat to the area and lastly, apply a sand finishing float.

Acrylic Rendering

We apply two acrylic base coats and keep sufficient time in between so that the acrylic dries smoothly. Our second coat is applied to float a smooth and even finish and the final coat is textured and colored. We finish walls using a plastic sand finishing float. We ALWAYS ensure all area's we work is protected with dropsheets, paper and tape etc to protect from over spills etc.

Cement Rendering

We ALWAYS ensure we use the best quality sand and cement available from the local suppliers to ensure every possible effort is met to produce you (the customer) quality you deserve. We then ensure the wall is clean and free from dust/dirt before applying aluminium angle beads to every corner, followed by a sand and cement with bondcrete splash/scratch coat (first coat) to ensure adhesion to walls. We then apply a final 10mm sand and cement coat, with using a straight edge we level the wall and finish with a float and sponge. (oxides may be added for colour)

Straw bale Rendering

We ensure all bales are tied and secure properly before applying a wire mesh and tieing wire ensuring tension is adequate. we then start filling up all voids with materials required (usually sand/cement and lime or even Clay plaster). we continue to build up levels to required thickness before applying the final coat and finishing with a float or sponge depending on finish required.

House Rendering Brighton

Hebbel Rendering

We only use Accredited Australian suppliers for our renders and are purchased locally (not these overseas cheaper options) to ensure professional quality finish and warranty. We ensure substraight is free from dust/dirt before applying anglebeads to all corners. We apply 2 Acrylic base coats with embedded mesh sandwitched between coats. With ensuring sufficient time to between coats we apply a final coloured top textured render top coat and finish with a sand finishing float


We begin the process of moulding by ensuring that the sub straight does not have any imperfections and is completely flat. Our moulding options include polystyrene moulds or solid cement moulds. We can use either of these. Our team can cut it to size and install it using the recommended adhesive. In case of cement mould, we have to use mechanical fixings along with the adhesive to bring a nice, clean, professional finish. We can help you have mouldings manufactured to restore to the previous frame or achieve a seamless, factory-like finish by installing reveals.

We source our render products, polystyrene foam, sand, cement, and hard plaster from reputable local suppliers who are accredited by the Australian Standards. Each of these products comes with a local manufacturer warranty because we want to ensure that you get absolutely the best quality. At Rendercraft Solid Plastering, we always make it a point to keep the area where we work safe from over-spills and the like by using drop sheets and tape.

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